art · Love · Mental Illness · writing


one day you will come to realise that love isn’t going to fix you,
Love has two left hands and is terrible at repairing things
Love cannot fix you, but love will stand by your side and watch you as you try and fix yourself
Love loves the sound of broken, sharp and uneven pieces fitting back together perfectly.
love doesn’t want to be anybody’s hero, love is a terrible saviour but love will gladly help you put the cape on your very own shoulders.
love hates the sight of blood and would probably throw up
if they see how deeply those you thought were love cut you open
but love will hold your hand, squeeze their eyes and try not to faint
as you pass the needle through the open wounds you’ve had for so long.
love has a terrible memory but will remind you of summer 05,
the time you cried tears of a five year old trapped in a new country that didn’t feel so much like home
Love will remind you to appreciate the last place you had that didn’t reek of failed relationships.
Love will remind you of that 5 year old boy, who rode a bicycle
in the backyard of awful memories and how happy he was.
(-love wants to love you with the wild of an abandoned carriage, a collapsed lung,a fire in their palms
but love is small and knows nothing of the sun
how could love compare you to a star when love knows none?-)
However, love, at least, tries.
Love knows they cannot mend your soul but still tries to be there when you need it the most.
Love is there for every bad day, every bad mark, every bad coffee,
every bad sandwich, every bad haircut, every bad….love.
Love knows you’re not very good at being one piece
and love knows all you can see are ugly, useless fragments of your heart scattered all over the place
but love will point out every beautiful thing so you can see it too
Love will stand there and watch you still count after 3 shots, still count after four drags of cigarettes
love will take the cigarette out of your mouth
and beg you to find other ways to fill yourself
but love will probably apologise afterward for ‘interfering in your life’
even though you’re technically trying to end it and obviously couldn’t care any less
Love knows how fucking hard it is to grow up in the darkness and still learn how to let the light in
love knows that one good night among thirty doesn’t make a good life
love knows you are doing your best to get your love across
love knows you would have told her, if she stayed you would have told her
She was nice before she broke your heart and she wanted to help

Love knows. Love remembers.

Because love has been there before.

love lives inside of every person who has ever offered you a hand you thought you were not worthy of, a hand you never asked for
And therefore, love will keep on reminding you
Lean on others while you still can
And meanwhile love promises to remember you
Love will always find a way to remember you.


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